Ethereum Developers Say the Merge to Be Completed in August

Ethereum Developers

Ethereum core developer Preston Van Loon has said that the anticipated merge to the proof-of-stake consensus will be completed in August this year.

The developer says that if all goes to plan, the network will unveil the merge if they do not have to move the difficulty bomb. 

The difficulty bomb is an intentional process inbuilt into Ethereum’s code that will slow down the network in the end. The developers incorporated it into the Ethereum code to compel the developers to transition to the proof-of-stake consensus and make it harder for the miners to be on the PoW chain.

The difficulty bomb has been moved forward severally to make the network function properly, and the team wants to avoid further delay.

Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin voiced the same optimism during ETH Shanghai Summit, saying the Merge could be in September or October in case of any challenges.

Source: Twitter 

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