Emirates Airlines Announces Plans for BTC Payments and NFT Entry

Emirates Airlines Announces Plans for BTC

UAE airlines Emirates has unveiled plans to implement Bitcoin payments and launch non-fungible tokens to trade on the company’s website.

The airline’s Chief Operating Officer, Adel Ahmed Al-Redha, says that the company will have a new team to focus on blockchain-related projects, including metaverse and NFTs.

Al-Redha adds that the largest UAE airline is also planning to incorporate blockchain technology to maintain its records. The company is eying the metaverse to streamline processes, including website sales, training, and operations.

The representative notes that the airline business was recovering with more travelers coming on board. The firm is now looking for new technologies to expand its services.

Air France is another major airline that collaborated with multiple entities in 2021 to establish a blockchain-based system that verifies COVID-19 test results. AirBaltic is also on the list of the airlines bullish on crypto.

Source: Cointelegraph

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