Dvision NFT Metaverse Unveils Largest ‘LAND Sale’ in 20 Meta-Cities

Dvision NFT Metaverse

Dvision Network, a blockchain-based NFT metaverse, has announced a ‘LAND sale’ set for November 24, 11 AM UTC.

The NFT metaverse will offer 1,450 mystery boxes through Binance NFT for Binance users. The metaverse would offer another 1,495 LAND boxes through INO on NFTb, and 1,485 LAND lots on Dvision Marketplace.

The network says that Dvision World marks the beginning of twenty Meta-cities where users can own via the Meta-Space ownership system. Two meta-cities, New York and Seoul, would be availed in collaboration with Binance NFT and NFTb.

Dvision Network has included NFTs in its newly-made Play-to-Earn platform to reward users who participate in the metaverse.

A meta-city is divided into user-owned, infected areas, and management-owned areas. The infected area accounts for 40% of all the lands, and the P2E allows users to earn DVIs for ridding the area of monsters.  

LAND is a virtual space in Dvision Metaverse, where users can own and customize their content. The digital property has 200,000 pieces of LAND in meta-cities to be released in two years.

Source: Dvision Network

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