Dogecoin Gains Popularity Among Top 1000 Binance Smart Chain Whales

Binance Smart Chain

The top 1,000 deep-pocketed investors in Binance Smart Chain tokens are trading DOGE much more than any other cryptocurrency.

The most widely held token is Ethereum, while BTCB is the digital asset with the greatest dollar equivalent amount among the whales.

BabyDoge is among the top ten most bought cryptocurrencies at the seventh position, while BUSD and BNB are the most sold digital assets.

BUSD and BSCUSD are the widely used stablecoins, while EpicHero3DNFT is the most traded non-fungible token with 1,183 transactions.

DOGE has surged about 8% in the past day to trade at $0.1456 against the USD.

Dogecoin began its bull run when Elon Musk asked McDonald’s to add the meme token to its payments, saying that he would eat a happy meal on TV if the food chain did so.

Electric vehicle maker Tesla has added support for Dogecoin payments for its merchandise.

Source: Whalestats

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