Discord to Expedite Crypto Adoption with MetaMask Integration, CEO Says

Discord to Expedite Crypto Adoption with MetaMask Integration

Discord is set to integrate MetaMask and WalletConnect on its platform to allow users to take part in NFTs, token adoption, and Web 3.0.

The instant messaging platform’s CEO, Jason Citron, shared a screenshot of a preleased Discord application in response to a tweet. 

A section of the Discord community was not amused and threatened to cancel their Nitro subscriptions. Those who opposed cited money laundering activities, environmental concerns, and the uncertainties around NFTs.   

Some Nitro users canceled their subscriptions on the platform after the response from the online community. Other users supported the initiative saying that it was the right step.  

MetaMask integration has enrolled millions of users in the cryptocurrency space. Bitfinex Pay, a crypto payment service, unveiled MetaMask Integration last week amid a strong adoption of digital assets in the payment industry.

Source: Cointelegraph

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