Decentralized Exchange ADAX Debuts on Cardano, to Integrate Djed Stablecoins

Decentralized Exchange ADAX

ADAX has announced that its decentralized exchange is now live on the Cardano, coming shortly after a partnership with COTI that would see it integrate Djed stablecoins.  

The team notes that smart contracts were complete and tested. UI matching engines and the querying and aggregation service are also operational.

PAB/JS wallet remains in progress, and the matching engine is under improvement on algorithms.

ADAX says that its team talent, decentralization, general UX, and strategic partnerships are a competitive advantage.

The launch comes amid reported delays caused by Cardano network congestion, but ADAX said that the deployment of  90 nodes would address the problem.

The announcement follows a Q&A session that was hosted on Reddit in November last year by its lead developer and CMO. The team had expected to launch the protocol on November 23. 

ADAX facilitates trading in a fully decentralized and non-custodial system. Djed is Cardano’s algorithm stablecoin that is issued on COTI.

Source: CryptoGlobe

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