Crypto Users Nearly Double in US, Latin America, Asia Pacific – Gemini Report

Crypto Users

A report by Gemini shows that almost half of the current cryptocurrency owners in the US, Latin America, and Asian Pacific first bought the digital asset in 2021.

From 30,000 respondents, 46% from LATAM and 45% in APAC bought their first cryptocurrencies last year while US and Europe had 44% and 40% respectively.  

The exchange established that countries in Indonesia and Brazil top in the share of cryptocurrency investors in the overall population.

41% of those sampled in Brazil and Indonesia owned crypto with 20% in the US, 18% in Australia, and 17% in Europe. Crypto ownership in the UAE stands at 35%, while Singapore and Israel stand at 30% and 28% respectively.

The report reveals that the concerns around cryptocurrency regulations and inadequate education hinder mainstream adoption.

Source: Cointelegraph

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