Coinbase Unveils Crypto Institute to Facilitate Research

Crypto Institute

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has introduced a crypto-centered in-house think tank that will work with academic institutions in research and development.

Coinbase institute will be led by Hermine Wong and Dr. Cesare Fracassi. Wong has worked with the SEC and currently serves as the Director of policy at the institute. Fracassi was an associate professor at the University of Texas.

The first partnership will be with the University of Michigan’s Survey Research Center, which undertakes surveys for the US Census Bureau and the Department of Defense.

The first study will examine the adoption and sentiments towards cryptocurrencies in US households. The experts are expected to collaborate with the market leaders and policymakers, with the first project being in the crypto and climate sphere.

The exchange has also launched monthly insights reports to offer instant real-time analysis of the market trends and conventional finance.


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