Coinbase Integrates BNB Chain and Avalanche for Crypto Swapping

Coinbase Integrates BNB Chain and Avalanche

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has integrated BNB Chain and Avalanche blockchains to its digital wallet to enable users to swap and store cryptocurrencies.

The exchange says that the step will offer access to thousands of tokens, which will be much more than what is in a centralized exchange.

The new functionality brings the total number of the supported network by the exchange to four, including Ethereum and Polygon. Users seeking to trade tokens on-chain can use Coinbase in-app decentralized exchange on the supported networks.

Coinbase’s wallet enables users to access self-custody services for their cryptocurrencies. The exchange currently has 173 listed tokens on the exchange.

Coinbase has also announced that it is adding a network bridging feature, which involves the transfer of tokens across networks without involving a centralized exchange. The network adds that it implements a Web3 wallet and browser for the mobile application.

Source: Twitter 

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