Clash Over Immigration Enforcement Continues in Texas

The clash between Texas and the Biden administration regarding immigration enforcement has shown no signs of easing. Federal officials are once again demanding that the state grant Border Patrol agents access to a riverfront park that serves as a popular corridor for migrants illegally entering the U.S.

Texas has taken measures to deter migrants by installing rows of razor wire in the park, with plans to add more after the Supreme Court cleared the way for Border Patrol agents to cut or remove the sharp metal barrier. This fencing has become one of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s prominent strategies in Eagle Pass, a border city.

Recently, Texas claimed control of the park and denied entry to Border Patrol agents, further escalating the feud between Gov. Abbott and President Joe Biden’s administration. The governor accuses the administration of not doing enough to address illegal border crossings. On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security sent a letter to the state demanding access to Shelby Park, which is located next to the Rio Grande.

In the letter, the Department expressed concern that Texas had only permitted access to Shelby Park for memorial events, media coverage, and golf course use, while continuing to restrict U.S. Border Patrol’s access. The Department requested a response from Texas by Friday.

Spokespersons for Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton, whose office had sued the Biden administration over the razor wire issue, did not offer an immediate comment.

Defiance and Disputed Access at Texas Park


Amidst a controversial legal battle, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has adopted a defiant stance, asserting the state’s “constitutional right to self-defense.” The issue at hand revolves around access to Shelby Park, though Abbott’s statement does not directly address this matter. It’s worth noting that the governor was abroad in India when the Supreme Court issued an order without explicitly mentioning park access.

Increased Security Measures

According to Lieutenant Chris Olivarez, spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, the state has been reinforcing security at Shelby Park by installing additional wire barriers. However, he declined an interview request, providing no further details.

Decrease in Crossings

Closure without Explanation

Disputing Claims

While Texas officials contend that they reopened the park shortly after closing it down, the federal government remained skeptical, as conveyed in their letter. Furthermore, the Biden administration has requested access to Shelby Park, which encompasses an area beneath a port of entry and a boat ramp.

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