Cardano’s Smart Contracts Rise to Record High Ahead of Anticipated Upgrade

Cardano's Smart Contracts

The number of smart contracts on Cardano-based platform Plutus has jumped from 1,671 to 2,160 between March 28 and 30, ahead of Vasil hardfork. 

The increase in the number of smart contracts in the platform linked to the network is significant in ascertaining the adoption of Cardano blockchain and its sustainability.

Cardano’s ADA token has seen a surge in the past ahead of the release of a new upgrade, which causes speculations as the network prepares to roll out the Vasil hard fork.

ADA is currently trading at $1.13 amid a bearish momentum, with some forecasts putting the token at $1.35 by the close of the month.

Cardano network underwent the Alonzo hard fork upgrade in 2021, which added smart contracts support, subsequently increasing scalability and speed.

The upgrade increased the deployment of decentralized applications and made native ADA tokens more programmable for developers.

Source: DataStudio

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