Cardano’s Ardana Partners With NEAR Protocol for a Multi-Chain Connectivity

Cardano's stablecoin hub

Cardano’s stablecoin hub has collaborated with NEAR Protocol to create an infrastructure bridge that allows transactions across both networks.

The bridge would enable the transfer of data and value across Cardano and NEAR infrastructures.

NEAR’s CEO Erik Trautman says he envisions a multi-chain world where blockchains could seamlessly exchange data.  Trautman welcomes the partnership, saying it expands both ecosystems’ capabilities and paves the way for a future cross-chain smart contract capability.

NEAR protocol has the goal of scaling up and building Web 3.0. The protocol has attracted funding from Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Baidu Ventures, and Dragonfly capital.

Ardana allows mining, staking, and trading, with its native token DANA listed on BitMart, MEXC, and Ardana ecosystem also has a decentralized Exchange, which focuses on stablecoins and stable assets.

Source: Cryptoglobe

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