Cardano Increases Mainnet Block Size in Efforts to Boost Performance

Cardano Increases Mainnet Block Size

Cardano’s developer Input Output HK has announced that it is increasing the network’s mainnet block size by 10% or 8KB to 88KB from April 25, 8:20 PM UTC.

The announcement notes that the developers will assess the network’s performance for about five days or one epoch to ascertain the next increase.

The changes come ahead of the anticipated Vasil hard fork poised to expand transaction throughput and further boost the network performance.

Cardano recently launched the Cardano ERC20 converter, which added support for ERC20 digital asset migration to the protocol and expanded the variety of use cases for applications and enterprises.

Cardano’s native token ADA dropped 2.91% in the past day and 3.81% in the past seven days to trade at about $0.8656.

Blocks are transaction batches written and confirmed on a blockchain, and the expansion in size enables the inclusion of more transactions and reduces transaction times.

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