Cardano Hits Milestone in Minted Native Assets as ADA Surges by Double Digits

Cardano Hits Milestone

The number of native assets minted on Cardano has reached a record 5,019,030 with 54,831 different policies amid a 12% surge in ADA at $0.516.

Cardano is now ahead of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin having an adjusted transaction volume of $19.15 billion in the past day.

The number of projects on Cardano is currently at 986, an increase from a previous high of 943. The NFTs are at 5,727, with a cumulative of 88 projects having been recently launched.

The blockchain can natively mint, engage, and delete custom tokens with the interaction facilitated without smart contracts.

The upward trajectory in Cardano was forecasted by the blockchain’s founder Charles Hoskinson in 2020, who remarked that there would be various assets and dApps on Cardano. The native ADA token is at a 33% surge since trading at $0.39 in the month.

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