Cardano-Based Sidechain ‘Milkomeda’ Debuts With Interoperability Objective

Cardano-Based Sidechain ‘Milkomeda’

Cardano’s sidechain, Milkomeda, which supports EVM compatibility in smart contracts and network interoperability, is preparing to launch its mainnet today.

Milkomeda seeks to support developers in layer-one blockchain by providing EVM-based sidechains and technology that integrates UX for developers and the general users.

The project, which is implemented by startup dcSpark, aims to extend the blockchain protocol layers, execute ecosystem tooling, and support decentralized applications.

The company remains unique with its capability of switching between the application layer and the development and libraries layers, cutting on the execution time.

The project is currently developing a decentralized application on Cardano and Milkomeda, which enhances the use of smart contracts.

dcSpark was founded in April by Nicolas Arqueros (Cardano Foundation Board member), Sebastien Guillemot, and Rober Kornacki.

Arqueros cites the growing interest in Cardano’s ecosystem and the self-sustainable ecosystem in their choice of the blockchain.

Source: Cryptoglobe

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