Bored Ape Developers Delete Code Permitting Infinite NFT Minting

Bored Ape Developers Delete Code

Yuga Labs has removed a code that enabled the generation of an unlimited number of Bored Ape Yacht Club non-fungible tokens and a possible vulnerability.

The move comes one year after the developers announced they would take the step. Pseudonymous Yuga Labs co-founder EmperorTomatoKetchup says that the contract owner has been deleted, adding that the length of time it took was a precautionary measure.

Yuga Labs team provided a link to the transaction where the code was removed, which showed a timestamp of 7:07 pm ETH on June 7.

The concern came into the limelight in June 2021, when NonFungible CEO Dan Kelly observed that the code on the Ethereum blockchain made it possible for Yuga Labs to mint as many Bored Apes as possible.

Yuga Labs developers countered the argument saying that they were not planning to run the code and it would eventually be removed. The step comes as a relief following various phishing attacks that have affected the network.

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