Blockchain Game Alien Worlds Tops With 1.21M Monthly Active Users

Blockchain Game Alien Worlds

Data from CryptoDiffer shows that Alien Worlds is the most popular blockchain game with 1.21 million monthly users and $44.2 million 30-day trading volume.

The BSC-based metaverse game had 318.3 million worth of transactions in the same period.

Bomb Crypto and Splinterlands rank second and third with 628,300 and 597,100 monthly users, respectively.

Bomb Crypto recorded $142.7 million in volumes in the past month with 5.26 million transactions, while Splinterlands had $1.09 million in trading volumes with 73.5 million transactions in the same period.

Pokémon-inspired Axie Infinity came in seventh with 184,200 monthly active users. The game had $581.2 million in transaction volume in the past month from 2.1 million transactions.

SecondLive, The Crypto You, and the Elfin Kingdom closed the top 15 blockchain games list. SecondLive had 77,200 monthly users with $268,100 in volumes from 1.18 million transactions.

The Crypto You managed 1.62 million transactions in the past month, while the Elfin Kingdom has 264,100 transactions with $39.5 million in volumes.

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