Bitmain to Unveil a More Efficient Bitcoin Miner in Dubai this Week

More Efficient Bitcoin Miner

Bitmain, a Beijing-based bitcoin mining equipment manufacturer, has announced the launch of a more efficient Bitcoin miner S19XP.  

Former Bitmain Communication manager Colin Wu broke the news via a Twitter post about the new miner capable of 150 terahashes per second hash power with 3.1kWh energy consumption. 

S19XP is designed on 5-nanometer chip technology and is estimated to be 36% more efficient than the current S19 Pro.

The current top-performing bitcoin miner, S19 Pro, is designed on 7-nm chip technology with 110 terahashes per second hash power, and 3.1-kilowatt-hour of energy consumption.

Bitmain will reportedly unveil the new mining equipment in Dubai this week at its mining conference. The company is already marketing the machine to some of its high-end customers.

The company began sourcing for 5-nm chips at the start of the year from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. 

Source: Twitter

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