Binance.US to Host News and Events in Portals Metaverse

News and Events in Portals Metaverse

Binance.US is developing a space in Portals, a Solana-based metaverse platform, where news and virtual events would be featured.

The platform is a simulation of a dense urban environment for users to explore buildings and immerse themselves in interactive rooms.

The company’s spokesperson, Zachary Tindall, says that the new ecosystem brings together the Binance.US community.

The US subsidiary of cryptocurrency exchange firm FTX is another company that is set to build an office on the platform.

Solana-based projects establishing presence in Portals include Magic Eden, Audius, Raydium and Bonfida.

Portals has positioned itself as a go-to protocol for users seeking to benefit from Solana high-speeds in the metaverse.

The news by the exchange follows that of Samsung Electronics, which recently announced a metaverse version of its 837 New York City store.

Source: Coindesk

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