Binance Retrieves Stolen Axie Infinity Funds From 86 Accounts

Stolen Axie Infinity Funds

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has recovered $5.8 million of stolen funds during the Axie Infinity hack spread across 86 accounts.

The exchange’s founder Changpeng Zhao says that the DPRK hacking group began to transfer their loot today, where part of it was based in Binance.

The US securities agencies have linked the $625 million heist to a North Korean state-sponsored group of hackers called Lazarus.

Axie Infinity developer Ronin Network notes that the Treasury has sanctioned the looted assets, which is considered one of the largest hacks in the cryptocurrency space.

The malicious actors had initially used the privacy tool, Tornado Cash, to exchange the stolen funds for ether and other digital currencies.

The trails of the marked addresses tagged Ronin Bridge Exploiter on Etherscan reveals that thousands of ether tokens have been moved in the past few days. The wallet currently holds about $285 million in ETH.

Source: Twitter 

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