Binance Makes New Executive Hires to Drive Compliance in CIS Region

Binance Makes New Executive Hires

Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance has hired Olga Goncharova as the new director of government relations in Russia and the CIS region in a push to enhance compliance.

Goncharova previously held the position of the director of the report processing department at the Bank of Russia from 2014.

She was charged with processing financial statements from firms under the mandate of the Central Bank and leading activities related to fintech and digital transformation.

The co-founder of Tokenbox, Vladimir Smerkis, has also been appointed as the director of Binance Russia.

A former BNP Paribas executive, Kirill Khomyakov, is the other appointee who would serve as General Manager at Binance Ukraine.  

The head of operations at Binance Russia and CIS, Gleb Kostarev, says that the exchange is seeking to expand its operations in the region.

He also notes that Binance is concentrating on the local Binance Smart Chain and community development.

Source: Cointelegraph

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