Binance Lists AMP and PlayDapp Gaming Network’s PLA


Binance listed AMP and PlayDapp’s PLA on November 23 and opened their BUSD, USDT, BTC, and BNB trading pairs as of 06.00 UTC.

The exchange has announced that users can deposit tokens, but withdrawals will be available on November 24 at 06.00 UTC. Binance notes that the available withdrawal time is an estimated time for reference, and users can refer to the withdrawal page.

AMP is the native token for Flexa, a cryptocurrency payment platform that provides digital payments solutions for merchants.  The token supports various use cases of Collateralization and features a concept of predefined partition strategies with special capabilities.  

PlayDapp is a blockchain gaming network that allows users to play games without using crypto. The platform aims to create a portfolio of blockchain games where participants can use NFTs across various game titles.

PLA is PlayDapp’s utility token used for game transactions and to incentivize developers.

Source: Binance

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