Bain Capital Acquires Controlling Stake in Swedish Infrastructure Firm Eleda


Bain Capital has recently announced its agreement to acquire a controlling stake in Eleda, a prominent Swedish infrastructure projects-and-services company. The private-equity firm Altor, currently holding a minority stake in Eleda, will continue its involvement in the company, while Eleda’s founders and management team will reinvest significantly.

Strong Growth Potential in Europe

Bain Capital recognizes the immense potential of Eleda’s services in the European market, which is experiencing substantial growth. Bengt Maunsbach, a partner at Altor, expressed his confidence in Eleda, stating: “There is great competence in Eleda, and the market for its services is growing strongly throughout Europe.”

Partial Sale by Altor

Altor’s decision to partially sell its stake in Eleda comes as no surprise, considering the company’s current value is nearly equivalent to the total Altor fund. This strategic move allows both Altor and Eleda to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities present in the industry.

Impressive Revenue and Broad Expertise

Eleda boasts an impressive track record, generating over 15 billion Swedish kronor ($1.44 billion) in annual revenue. The company operates across multiple sectors, including water and sewerage, power distribution, district heating, roads, data centers, railways, and electric-vehicle charging stations.


The financial details surrounding Bain Capital’s acquisition of the controlling stake in Eleda have not been disclosed at this time. However, this exciting development marks a significant milestone for both companies involved, as they collaborate to unlock further success in the dynamic infrastructure sector.

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