Baidu Announces the First Metaverse Conference Hosting 100,000 People

Baidu Announces the First Metaverse Conference

Baidu, Inc. has announced the launch of the Hirang app set for December 27, which will host the 2021 Baidu AI Developer metaverse conference for 100,000 attendees.

The app would be the first domestic meta-universe product with a permanent multi-person interactive platform linking virtual and reality.

The Vice President of Baidu, Ma Jie, says that the metro-universe technology is still at its initial stage of gradual development. He maintains that it would take a while for it to grow.

The design of the immersive interface is a Mobius ring planet with Chinese aspects. The metaverse enables users to log in, attend meetings and exhibitions, shop, and interact.

The immersive audio-visual experience allows participants to listen to the attendees’ multi-voice communication in a conference setting.

The 2021 Baidu AI Developer Conference in the ‘Greek’ Meta-universe brings together individuals and technology companies to share ideas in the industry and their industrial applications.

Source: Baidu

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