Anonymous Whale Moves $27.9M Worth of XRP

Anonymous Whale Moves $27.9M

Ripple has recorded two large transactions of 38.9 million XRP, including Binance’s transfer of 18,972,524 XRP worth $13,717,909 between internal accounts

The second transaction was of an anonymous account that wired 20,000,000 XRP equivalent to $14,297,008 to a digital asset trading platform, Both transactions happened four and ten hours ago. 

Data from Bithomp reveals that the last transfer was from a Ripple Wallet RL18-VN, which is mostly used for On-Demand Liquidity transfers.

The news follows a large transaction by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase that moved about 88.6 million XRP, causing speculation that it may re-list the token.

Coinbase suspended XRP trading from its platform last year due to a lawsuit pitting Ripple and its executives with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

XRP is up by 9.21% in the past day trading at $0.74015. The surge follows a bearish sentiment that took the token down by about 14.8%.

Source: WhaleAlert

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