Adidas’ Upcoming NFT Launch to Be an Access Token to Its Metaverse Space

Adidas’ Upcoming NFT

Adidas Originals have announced the upcoming debut of its NFT collection dubbed, Into the Metaverse, which will be accessible on its Sandbox plot. 

The collection’s sale will begin on the company’s website on December 17 at a starting price of 0.2 ether, equivalent to $810 at the currency price.

The digital asset would reportedly be an access token allowing holders exclusive access to future merchandise, virtual and real products, and services.

The German-based multi-national company announced its entrance to the metaverse space collaborating with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks Comics, GMoney on December 2. The company stated that the metaverse would enable people to express ideas.

The company also revealed that it had bought Ape number 8774 on September 17 for 46 ether equivalent to $150,000 at the purchase time.

GMoney has reportedly been assisting Adidas to get the right footing in the new immersive world. Nike, another sporting brand, has made its foray into the space with the acquisition of RTKFT.

Source: Cointelegraph

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