ADA to Dominate Global Transactions Excluding ETH, Twitter Poll Reveals

ADA to Dominate Global Transactions

A Twitter poll by Vitalik Buterin on a hypothetical future without ether ranks Cardano’s ADA at the top with 42% ahead of bitcoin’s 38.4%.

The Ethereum co-founder asked his 3.1 million Twitter followers on Friday the currency they would prefer to use in 80% of all global transactions by 2035 apart from ETH. 

Bitcoin, ADA, USD, and Solana were the choices given, and 600,000 people responded. 

The survey ranked Solana’s SOL token the third at 13.1%, while USD managed 6.5%.

Buterin’s second Twitter poll involving 360,000 respondents gave TRON 51.3% votes ahead of BNB’s 22.8%. NEO and Chinese Yuan got 21.8% and 4.1% backing.

ADA is the native cryptocurrency powering the Cardano network, which Charles Hoskinson founded.

The token has surged 13% since the poll to trade at $1.42 and is currently ranked as the fifth most valuable cryptocurrency ahead of SOL.

Source: Twitter

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