A Shareholder’s Perspective

As a shareholder of Warner Bros. Discovery who has experienced a significant decrease in value since its separation from AT&T, I find myself in disagreement with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on many matters (“Warner Bros. Discovery Has Big Challenges. The Barbie Movie Won’t Solve Them,” Cover Story, Sept. 1). Specifically, I question the substantial compensation given to CEO David Zaslav and the lack of corresponding value provided to shareholders like myself.

Market Outlook: A Variety of Opinions

When it comes to Treasuries, it’s not an all-or-nothing scenario. It is both feasible and advisable to hold a combination of Treasuries and equities in your portfolio. Personally, I have chosen to maintain a significant equity investment while also increasing my holdings of Treasuries.

Statistical Skew

Statistical skew refers to the imbalance or asymmetry in a set of data.

Revisions To Bureau of Labor Statistics Show Cooling Labor Markets

By Nicholas Jasinski

The recent revisions made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as mentioned by Nicholas Jasinski, reveal a decline in initial employer response percentages, from the mid-80s to the high 60s (“August Jobs Report Shows Labor Markets Cooling. That May Persuade the Fed to Pause,” The Trader, Sept. 1). Prior to 2020, the initiation response rates used to determine the employers in the monthly release had been steadily declining to the mid-60s, and since March 2020, they have not been above 48%. Currently, the response rate stands at a record low of 30%.

FCC, Kenvue, and the Fed

By David Johnson
Brooklyn, N.Y.

In response to Tom Wheeler’s suggestion of creating another federal agency to regulate our lives (“A Former FCC Chairman on Combating a Digital Gilded Age and Reining In Big Tech,” Aug. 30), it is not surprising that a federal bureaucrat like him would propose such an idea.

Lastly, while I understand the reasons behind the creation of the Federal Reserve, I believe it was a mistake to think that the government should interfere with the unbreakable law of supply and demand in a capitalistic society (“The Fed Is Heading for a $100 Billion Loss. It Is Making Plenty of Investor Winners Along the Way,” The Economy, Sept. 1). The market has its own self-correcting mechanisms, and such intervention may have unintended consequences.

Louis A. Levy

San Antonio

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