933 Selfies Sold as NFTs Now Valued at About $3 million

933 Selfies Sold as NFTs

933 selfies of Ghozali Ghozalu, which were listed as NFTs on OpenSea, are now worth about $3 million in valuation.  

The collection, called Ghozali Everyday, are pictures taken by the Indonesian man between 2017 and 2021.

The 22-year old sold the pictures for 0.001 ether each to fetch a total of $3,000, which took him a few days.

Ghozali says the collection, which has recorded 194ETH or $560,000 so far, are selfies of himself taken in front of a computer every day.

The NFTs made it to the top 40 on the NFT marketplace’s daily trading volumes with a 72,000% surge in activity.

OpenSea has recorded more than $1.36 billion in trading volumes in the past ten days of January and is currently approaching a monthly all-time high.

Source: The Block

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