Starlink (STARL)

Rank #453
$0.00000300 0.00%
Market Cap $29,293,400
Trading Volume $1,546,365
Volume / Market Cap 0.0528
Total Supply 10,000,000,000,000 STARL
Max Supply 10,000,000,000,000 STARL
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Starlink is currently trading at $0.00000300, after a price change of 0.00% in the last 24 hours.

Ranked as cryptocurrency #453 by capitalization today, STARL market cap is valued at $29,293,400. STARL trading volume reached $1,546,365 in the last 24 hours. We track cryptocurrency data live in real-time. Make your own forecast on STARL coin price prediction page.

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is a virtual space station built on metaverse for NFT trading, gaming, and entertainment. Users can play to earn tokens, purchase art pieces, and chat with other users in the Starlink ecosystem. Starlink features a fixed number of satellites and space modules that users can buy. The platform comprises a universe, planets, and satellites. Satellites are virtual billboards displaying art.

Starlink provides three types of rockets: MEO, LEO, and GEO, having immutable and mutable properties. The mutable aspects include ownership, while the immutable ones are Speed, Radius, and Metadata. Starlink also features a transferrable NFT dubbed SATE, representing satellites and virtual real estate in the metaverse. The NFT tracks the proprietorship of digital satellites. The platform’s first game, Warp Nexus, was built by Wyembite studios.

STARL is the project’s ERC-20 utility token hosted on the Ethereum ecosystem. There are 9.979.17 trillion circulating STARL tokens out of a maximum of 10 trillion capped supply. The token is used to power transactions and governance. The ecosystem has allocated all the available tokens to the community.

The team behind Starlink, founded in 2021, includes Woof Decentra, the founder, Moe Larson, and Shahid Ahmad.