Rank #272
$19,916.55 5.40%
Market Cap $71,272,705
Trading Volume $334,309
Volume / Market Cap 0.004691
Total Supply 3,579.70 RENBTC
Max Supply 13,698 RENBTC
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renBTC is currently trading at $19,916.55, after a price change of 5.40% in the last 24 hours.

Ranked as cryptocurrency #272 by capitalization today, RENBTC market cap is valued at $71,272,705. RENBTC trading volume reached $334,309 in the last 24 hours. We track cryptocurrency data live in real-time. Make your own forecast on RENBTC coin price prediction page.

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What is RenBTC?

Ren is a protocol that supports the development of applications using zkSNARK and multi-party computation technology with a focus on privacy. The multiparty computation protocol enables nodes to run programs in a trustless environment. The platform’s zero-knowledge technology conceals transaction details. The interface is ideal for receiving inputs from numerous users that don’t wish to disclose information. 

Ren incorporates an interoperability bridge that facilitates the inter-blockchain swaps and cross-chain transfer of tokens. A dark pool layer fulfills order matches only known by the user.  Ren would also integrate development software for building private applications. RenVM data is distributed via Shamir’s secret sharing encryption that breaks down data into shares. The original data is unrecoverable without a given amount of shares, blocking the nodes from access.

RenBTC is an ERC20 standardized token hosted on Ethereum. One renBTC is redeemable for one BTC. The coins are generated on Ren, where users transfer their BTC to RenVM, and a matching amount of RenBTC is produced. There are 16,613.59 circulating renBTC, a supply of 16,632, and a hard cap of 13,698.

Taiyang Zhang founded Ren in 2017.