Genaro Network (GNX)

Rank #1363
$0.001683 8.44%
Market Cap $1,042,438
Trading Volume $137,194
Volume / Market Cap 0.1316
Total Supply 650,000,000 GNX
Max Supply
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Genaro Network is currently trading at $0.001683, after a price change of 8.44% in the last 24 hours.

Ranked as cryptocurrency #1363 by capitalization today, GNX market cap is valued at $1,042,438. GNX trading volume reached $137,194 in the last 24 hours. We track cryptocurrency data live in real-time. Make your own forecast on GNX coin price prediction page.

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What is Genaro Network?

Genaro is an open-source blockchain built for peer-to-peer data encryption, storage and sharing. The protocol is secured with the proof-of-stake and sentinel proof-of-retrievability consensus model. Genaro aims to support multiple decentralized applications. The network seeks to give users varying data rights for an enhanced environment of decentralized applications.

Genaro uses the Distributed Hash Table for decentralized data storage. DHT stores distinct data sets on the various nodes guided by a given protocol to mitigate a single point of failure in a centralized solution. A node in the DHT need not store the data of the entire network but that from the nearby nodes. The result is a reduction in energy consumption and bandwidth usage. The Genaro I/O Steaming Protocol fosters the reliability of the on-chain storage through encryption. The storage account is divided into Owner, Modifier, and Monitor.

GNX is the native token powering Genaro Network. There are 650 million circulating GNX tokens from an equivalent total supply and no available maximum limit. GNX can be generated in a mining process.  

Genaro network was founded in 2016.